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Accurate Test Equipments and Engineers was founded in 1984 by Mr. Prabhakar R. Ghatge, BE (Mech), DBM, who is the owner of this company. His total experience in field of Design & Manufacturing of Dynamometers and Engine Testing is more than 35 years. The Product range initially was few models of Sluice Gate water brake dynamometers Now over many years, the range of products manufactured is grown immensely, few of which are as listed below.
Eddy Current Dynamometers, Dynamometers, Sluice Gate Type Hydraulic Dynamometers, Air Gap Eddy Current Dynamometers, Engine & Dynamometer Controllers, Universal Engine Mounting Test Beds, End of Production Line Chassis Dynamometer, Engine Test Bed Accessories like Throttle Actuator, Gravimetric Fuel Measuring Unit, Volumetric Fuel Consumption measuring Unit, Speed & Torque Indicator, Diesel Engine Shut Down Actuator, Various Temperature and Pressure Instrumentation With or Without Sensors, Transducer Box, Incell Control Panel, T Slotted Bed Plates (CI & MS), Cardan Shaft / Couplings, Road Load Simulation Chassis Dynamometer, Special Test Rigs such as Gear Box Test Rigs, Electric Motor Test Rigs, Transmission Test Rigs, Test Setups For Engineering / Technical Institutes, Computerized IC Engine Test Rigs, Alternative Fuel Research Engines, Air Grap Eddy Current Dynamometers, Engine ControllersEngine Controller, Dynamometers Controllers, Industrial Dynamometers, PTO Test Systems, Chassis Dynamometers, Alternative Fuel Research Engines, Data Aquisition Systems, Engine Testing Accessoires, Customized Test Setups, Dynamometer Controllers, PTO Dynamometers, Engine Combustion Analyzers, Engine Testing Accessoires, Gravimetric Fuel Consumption Measuring Units, Computerized Engine Test Rigs, Volumetric Fuel Consumption Measuring Units, Customized Test Rigs, Engine Combustion Analysis Systems, PLC Based Automation For Engine, PC Based Automation For Engine, Electric Motor Testing, Volumetric Fuel Consumption Measuring Equipments, Gravimetric Fuel Consumption Measuring Equipments, Computerized Test Setup, Gear Box Test Rigs, Test Equipments, Test Benches, Motor Test Bench, Vehicle Test Bench, Transmission Test Bench, Entire Test Bench, Engine Test Bench, Universal Test Bench, Versatile Test Bench, Test Bench for Engine, Test Bench for Auto Engine, Test Bench For Diesel Engine, Test Bench For Transmission.
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